Passionate and powerful are just a few words to describe the worship at Calvary Tabernacle. On any given Sunday you will find a diverse mixture of skillful musicians and vocalists unifying those who gather to present heart felt worship. The praise team purposefully and prayerfully prepares for each worship experience. Knowing that people identify with different genres and styles of worship, we make it our goal to incorporate all different types of music to bring people to the common place of surrender. With events like “Encounter”, an evening crafted with a sole purpose of finding the heart of God, to Christmas programs, bringing the life of the Christmas story into clear focus with the melodies of our Sanctuary Choir and vibrance of our student worship band, we strive to lead people to the place where they can meet Jesus Christ. Calvary’s worship team seeks to create an atmosphere where broken hearts can be healed and empty lives can be filled with the hope, joy, and love that God desires for His people.