Connect with people through similar passions and interests. Calvary Tabernacle small groups exist to strengthen the community within our church and to be a connection point to the NWA community. There’s something for everyone, so check them out and sign up for some today!


Normal Day & Time: Every other month. More info via text and by following bettertogether_ct on instagram.
Location: Various Locations
Description: We believe that God designed marriage as a lifelong commitment that offers one of life’s greatest opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Enter “Better Together”, a group for married couples 35 and under where we enjoy monthly activities from special getaways, to fun date nights
Leader: Dathan + Denae Wilson


When: 2nd Thursday of every month, 7PM

Where: Rogers Bowling Center

Description: A family that bowls together stays together

Leader: Mike Wright


When: Typically once a month. More info via text and by following bridge_ct on instagram.

Where: Various Locations

Description: Bridge promotes spiritual growth and Christian fellowship for all CT members 40-55 years of age. We seek to connect with the adults of Calvary Tabernacle and keep them involved in fellowship activities.

Leader: TBD


When: Weekly/Semi-Weekly

Where: Walton Life Fitness Center

Description: For the amateur or experienced players, this group will meet for matches during the week and/or Saturday mornings. Great exercise and fun.

Leader: Tim Hillhouse


When: Weekly/Semi-Weekly

Where: Various places around the city

Description: We prepare and deliver meals to church and community members with special needs during crisis situations: temporarily disabled/hospitalized, unexpected expense, etc.

Leader: April Thompson


When: Weekly

Where: Various places around the city

Description: A group of volunteers who visit those in our congregation that are unable to attend due to aging or health issues. We encourage and remind them that they are still a valued part of CT.

Leader: Sheila Richards

When: 3rd Saturday of every month

Where: Various places around the city

Description: We believe it is our highest calling to serve the people in our community. We are actively involved in community clean-up and serve as volunteers at various community shelters. We host a food pantry called Community Table that gives a week of groceries to families on the. The groceries we provide serve a family of four.

Leader: Kayla Boyd


When: Mondays at 6:30PM

Where: Various trails around NWA. At text will be sent with meeting locations.

Description:  A group that shares a love to get outside and ride! There are so many beautiful trails in Northwest Arkansas, and our goal is the see them all. All skill levels welcome

Leader: Ryan Hodges


When: 2nd Friday of each month + other outings

Where: Whole Hog Café + other venues

Description: Men aren’t designed to do life on our own – living without accountability, encouragement, discipline and perseverance. CT MEN strive train and equip other men to be spiritual leaders in their homes, in the church and the workplace through special events, studies, and accountability.

Leader: Jason Jennings


When: Twice a month (weather permitting)

Where: Various courses across NWA

Description: A group for those who enjoy chasing the little white ball. It doesn’t matter if you are scratch or a high handicapper, come out and enjoy fellowship with others that like to tee it up!

Leader: Omar Stiefer


When: Once a month

Where: Various locations throughout NWA

Description: A group that appreciates fine food. We enjoy everything from cheese parties to exploring local restaurants in search of unique culinary experiences.

Leader: Jeremy Guzman


When: Twice a month

Where: CT Conference Room

Description: An opportunity for Bible prophecy enthusiasts to discuss, share and learn about endtime events.

Leader: Rusty Newman


When: Once a month

Where: Downtown Bentonville

Description: The faces of our church to the community. This crew helps set up an exhibition tent in downtown Bentonville  1x a month to hand out waters, play games, and answer questions that our community might have about our church.

Leader: Dathan + Denae Wilson


When: Various days twice a month. A text will be sent with more info

Where: Tamara’s Home

Description: Ladies 12 & up that enjoy creating, crafting & learning how to make the home more cozy, warm, & happy.

Leader: Tamara Muehlebach


When: Twice a month

Where: Local Gyms

Description: The Men’s Basketball group exists to give men of CT and the surrounding community the opportunity to play basketball in a welcoming environment.

Leader: Pastor Chantry Dean


When: Times vary

Where: Homes, parks, coffee shops, anywhere.

Description: Moms helping and encouraging other moms. We get together weekly, one week is a play date for the kids, the next week is a Mom date, without kids.

Leader: Hillary Jeter


When: Twice a month

Where: Wherever the road takes us

Description: If you love to ride, eat and fellowship, join this group! Scheduled rides are usually four hours long and include a meal and devotional.

Leader: Troy Shaeffer


When: Various weekends

Where: Throughout NWA

Description:  Tenters, campers, and RV’rs of all ages are welcome to go on our overnight outings throughout the year!

Leader: Rick Peterson


When: Mondays at 6:00PM

Where: Various places around Bentonville

Description:  A running group spanning all ages and ability level that wants to help you achieve your running goals no matter how big or small.

Leader: Jesse Hereford


When: Once a week

Where: CTKids Building

Description: A group for those looking for practical self defense training and a good workout

Leader: Tyler Puckett


When: One Saturday a Month

Where: Indoor / Outdoor Range (NWA)

Description: Introduction to firearms focusing on core fundamentals and key safe handling techniques.  Advancing your skill set and confidence with firearms.

Leader: Kylee Aldridge


When: Once a month

Where: Various locations throughout NWA

Description: Outings and activities for the entire family! Hiking, art classes, park adventures, downtown events and more!

Leader: Justin + Hillary Jeter


Normal Day & Time: 1-2 times per month
Location: Various coffee spots around the city. A text will be sent with locations.
Description: A group that shares an intense love for coffee.  We meet at homes and coffee shops around town to talk, learn, and share.
Leader: Daniel Castellano


When: Once a month. More info via text

Where: Various Locations

Description: Upper Class, ages 55+, hosts many activities which are designed to create an atmosphere conducive to encouragement and socialization. Regular events, as well as special activities, are held throughout the year.

Leader: David + Cindy Blum